jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

We Love London! (L) (:

Hello! We are Laura Moran and Inma Silva.
We will tell you that we have done in London during our trip (:
When we got home we were very scared and nevio, to meet Mrs. Brenda, a very nice woman and old age, we thought we were going to have complicated the issue of coexistence, but it was not.
Mrs. Brenda was not the typical arrogant British who is wrong, the woman was a charm and giving low blows ... ¬ ¬
She had a dog named Hector, a fox terrier funny and fun, we always barked when we got home after school.
At the academy we were on the bus, and after 12 days ... I think we still haven´t managed to catch it early, because he came when I wanted. Well, even so we got the first day we went to London.
The academy was boring ... too many classes.
On the street people were very nice, many helped us when we were losing and others helped us in the gymcana jajaja
The journey that we liked most was when we went to Candentown although we didn´t like that we had to walk, when there were boats to catch ¬ ¬
And the least was when we went to Stamford, but I was amused by a flame that we wake up and run.

Has been an experience that had to live!! (:

lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Pool, London & camdentown

Hello I'm Inma Polo and i'm going to tell you about the places that I have more fun
I'm going to starting with the swimming pool: It was really funny but not all went.
We were only an hour and the water was heated and was quite comfortable

Too we were to London It was really beautiful and so big ! There were a lot of shops
And I bought somethings for my family. too we were in China town 
We were taking many photos ! 
We saw Big ben, London eye, the tower of London And some persons didn't want to go to the tower of london , so , they had free time.

 Now I'm going to tell you about Camdentown
Almost everyone bough presents for their family because there , there were alot of things of london. We could haggle with the dependent of there. It was really fun and easy
This is camdentown it is more big than at the photo!
Bye ! 

Londres (:

Hi !
We are Sara and Lidia, we stayed in London,
and we saw many monuments, The London Eye,
The Tower of London, The Buckingham Palace,
Big Ben and the National Gallery.
We like it a lot, but we don't like the pollution
and the traffic there. London is very beautiful and it's
so big, on friday we are going to go again, because on 
friday it's the day for the presents, and we are going to go 
to Candem Town and Oxford street. In London we travelled
on a boat, around the Thimes' river, and later we went to the 
tower of London and we saw some differentes towers
for example; the bloody tower, that it is a tower about 
who the people died, or the medieval tower; that is a tower
that you can see things about the medieval age.

Ok, see you !
Bye !

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Our trip to england :D

Hi! I'm Andrea Renqué and I am going to tell you about our trip to England.

1st day-- We took the plane to Stansted airport at a quarter past ten, but we didn't get to our house until two o'clock in the morning. Some of us stayed in a different neighbourhood, called Yaxley.

2nd day-- We went to a tour in Peterborough. They showed us the cathedral square, the streets, the shopping centre and the school.

We had cream tea, but almost all the people disliked it.                                                          

And we also started our  English classes.                                                                                            

3rd day-- We went to the cinema to see The King's Speech. This film was very boring so, many people went to sleep during the film.

4th day-- In the morning, we went to Stamford. The bus stopped in front of a palace and we walked to the centre of the town. On our way we saw birds, sheep and deer. It was very beautiful and, when we arrived in Stanford, we visited the centre of the town and we went shopping. Then, we took the bus and we went back to school.

5th day-- We did the Cambridge trip. The guide showed us the entire town. We visited the centre, the university, and we went shopping around the town ang we went punting,too. Cambridge was a very beautiful town and I liked it so much.

6th day-- On this day, every one did what they wanted. Some people went to the shopping centre, some went to the park and some friends and I went bowling.

Marina, Inma and I cooked a Spanish omelette and 'salmorejo' for the family. They liked it so much and cooking it was also great fun.

7th day-- In the morning we went to Peterborough's Cathedral. It was beautiful but, Seville's Cathedral is even more beautiful. The visit was a little boring, but it was not too bad.


8th day-- We went to London. First, we went to Queensgate train station to take a train to King's Cross. There, we took the underground to Chinatown.

 And we walked around Chinatown.

Then, we went walking from Green Park to Buckingham Palace. There, we watched the Change of the Guard. It was all very well, but there were a lot of people and so we couldn't see too much.

 Then, we went to Trafalgar Square and some people entered in the National Gallery.

Then, we went next the Big Ben and later, we went on a boat from the Big Ben to The Tower of  London and we passed by the London Eye. Then, we went into in the Tower of London and it was very good.

9th day-- We went to the swimming pool but some people didn't want to swim so some of them stayed in Peterborough and some went to the swimming pool but the didn't swam.

10th day-- On this day, we were going to play cricket but, as it had rained,  it was wet and we couldn't play. Instead of that, we did a very boring and difficult 'gymkana activity' around the town.

11th day-- We went to London again, but this time to a different part of the city. The other day we did sightseeing around the touristy part of London and this day we visited one of the areas of real London. We also went to the British Museum.

 We walked through the streets and through Regent's Park, to reach Camden Town, a big market. We bought a lot of things and the funniest thing of all was bargaing with the sellers.

12th day-- This was our last day. At half past twelve, the academy gave us our school reports and then, we took the bus to the Stansted airport. There, we went onto the plane which got off at five o'clock. We arrived in Seville at half past nine and finally we went home.

       This trip has been the best one in my life. I will miss so much mi host family.