lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Cambridge!! (:

Saturday we were in Cambridge, our guide was Jim, He  told us about the people, the universities (the subjects, homes ..) taught us outside the homes of students and entered into a chapel. In my free time many went to market or to the mall, others went to the river boats. We met some very friendly Spanish musicians! in Cambridge was something cold ... forget bad day for the coat at home.
The Boys were dropped three times the soccer ball into the river across from where he had hoped the bus jaja all
passers-by stared at us. Well, that I did in Cambridge.
By: Inmaculada Silva 

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  1. It sounds amazing! I want to be there!!I miss you so much raccoon!! jeje XXX
    by: mercedes arese

  2. Hello Inmaa!! I miss you...I hope that you are having a great time.
    A lot of kisses for you, my lover!