jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

London !

Hi, we are Ivan and Antonio :)
On Tuesday 29th March we went to London, it was the best day so far.
There are a lot of shops, especially for buying presents for our families.
We saw Leicester square but it was closed by the works of the Olympic games. We also saw Chinatown, but i think it was a few small, we stayed in Green park, where we saw squirrel that was very funny, after that we saw the change of the guard, it was a few boring because there were a lot of people, so we couldn't see nothing. Later we stayed in Trafalgar square there were a statue of four metal lions and in the middle there was a big stoned stick, we think it was very beautiful, there also was a timer that was counting the left days for the Olympic games in 2012. We also saw Big Ben, it's a big clock situated at the top of a tower. After that we saw the London Eye, it's a big treadmill situated near of the Thamesis. We came into the Tower of London, where was the most big diamond encrustated in a crown and we also saw the Bloody Tower, where the people were tortured, in our opinion it was very interesting. We saw by the train the Arsenal Stadium, it was very big. We have enjoined a lot London and we want to come back again. :)

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