miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011


Hii ! We are Anabel, Rocio and Marta.
The origen of Cambrige came from a river in this city that is called Cam and from the word 'bridge'.
Cambridge is a really big city, it is full of colleges where students live and one of the most important is Oxford's University. It is important because only very good students and rich people can study there.
In Cambridge there is the most expensive clock of the world. It is made by gold.
In this city there are three very important doors for the students: the first one is the Humility door, through which each student has to pass during his first stage at the university. The second one is the door of Importance where students pass in the middle of their studies, and the third one is the Honour door through which one passes after his or her graduation. This door is very very small and low.
Bye !

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