jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Peterborough's Cathedral (the legend of a relic hand)

 Helloooo ! We are Marta, Rocio and Anabel.
Peterborough's Cathedral is smaller than Seville's Cathedral but it is wonderful too. There we could see the
tomb of Katherine of Aragon who was killed by her husband, the King Henry VIII.
In this cathedral there is lengend of a relic hand:
It was about a king who gave at poor people his silver. One of this poor people blessed the King's hand.
One day, the king went into battle and somebody killed him.
A soldier cut off the king's hand to keep like a prize but a bird pick it up. While the bird was flying, the hand dropped in an infertil area. In this area there weren't any flowers, plants, trees, etc. But then, a countryman saw that this land became beautiful because of the hand. 
Later, he tried to do the same with a tree, so he put the hand in a tree, and it grew with flowers and fruits. When people saw it, they gave the hand to the monks like a relic and now it is into the Peterborough's Cathedral.
It is a really interenting history and a very nice history too.
Byeeee !

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