jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Peterborough's Cathedral (the legend of a relic hand)

 Helloooo ! We are Marta, Rocio and Anabel.
Peterborough's Cathedral is smaller than Seville's Cathedral but it is wonderful too. There we could see the
tomb of Katherine of Aragon who was killed by her husband, the King Henry VIII.
In this cathedral there is lengend of a relic hand:
It was about a king who gave at poor people his silver. One of this poor people blessed the King's hand.
One day, the king went into battle and somebody killed him.
A soldier cut off the king's hand to keep like a prize but a bird pick it up. While the bird was flying, the hand dropped in an infertil area. In this area there weren't any flowers, plants, trees, etc. But then, a countryman saw that this land became beautiful because of the hand. 
Later, he tried to do the same with a tree, so he put the hand in a tree, and it grew with flowers and fruits. When people saw it, they gave the hand to the monks like a relic and now it is into the Peterborough's Cathedral.
It is a really interenting history and a very nice history too.
Byeeee !

8th day and 9th day

We are Marta Blanco, Rocio y Anabel.
On Wednesday 30th we went to the swimming pool and it was a funny activity but Rocio didn't want to enter in it. We had a very nice moment because we were playing with ours classmates.
Later, in freetime we went to Mcdonal and we had a very good meal.
Then we went to the school and we saw a film and it is called 'Year One'. We could undertand it because there was subtitules in english so it is easier. Finally we caught the bus and we went home. We arrived too tired and for dinner we had an hamburguer with potatoes. It was a very nice day

On Thursday 31th we are going to play Cricket but we couldn't play it because of the weather. So instead of play it we did an activity and it was like a quizz in which we had to look for the answer asking to people, seeing the shops of Peterborough, etc. So it was very nice and it was very interesting. Then we had freetime and had our lunch in the school. Later, in the class, we saw another film and it ia called 'Ice Age'. In this film there was subtitules in english too. In our opinion this film was better. Then, we went home and for dinner we had pasta bake with bolonese sauce. It was so far the nicer food and it was a very special day in the school because it was our last day in it. We missed theese days of school in Seville.


See you ! XOXO

Cambridge :D

Hi! We are Juanfran and Migue.

We were on Cambridge on thursday, we were very amazing of Cambridge we were in a market and we bought a cookie that was really bad. We were in the University of Cambridge and we were in a lot of shops. Tomorrow is our last day in London and we are going to enjoy!!

See you.

LODON ! (:

we are Andrea , Marta and Ana !
We visited London tuesday , we get up at 6.30 am , we toke a bus at 7 am.
We remained with the teachers and other clasmattes at 8.15 am in a bus station. We toke a train at 9 o'clock , one hour in a train. Later we toke a underground , a few minutes in a underground.
When we stay here , we are very exciting , because the city is very big and very different .
In Seville there isn't a China Town so see a China Town is very interesting and exciting, the Big Ben is very wonderful , it is very big there measure is 61 m .

In Trafalgar Square , we saw a big  statue and  around the statue there are many  bigs lions.In front of National Gallery  there is a big clock that dial the time missing for the Olympics Games of 2012. All London is in reconstructition for the Olympics Games.
We think to London is very beautiful and a amazing city. 

London !

Hi, we are Ivan and Antonio :)
On Tuesday 29th March we went to London, it was the best day so far.
There are a lot of shops, especially for buying presents for our families.
We saw Leicester square but it was closed by the works of the Olympic games. We also saw Chinatown, but i think it was a few small, we stayed in Green park, where we saw squirrel that was very funny, after that we saw the change of the guard, it was a few boring because there were a lot of people, so we couldn't see nothing. Later we stayed in Trafalgar square there were a statue of four metal lions and in the middle there was a big stoned stick, we think it was very beautiful, there also was a timer that was counting the left days for the Olympic games in 2012. We also saw Big Ben, it's a big clock situated at the top of a tower. After that we saw the London Eye, it's a big treadmill situated near of the Thamesis. We came into the Tower of London, where was the most big diamond encrustated in a crown and we also saw the Bloody Tower, where the people were tortured, in our opinion it was very interesting. We saw by the train the Arsenal Stadium, it was very big. We have enjoined a lot London and we want to come back again. :)

The Hand's History

Hi ! We are Ismael , Mario and Fran , and we are going to tell you this history . it was a King that was distributing silver and gold to poor people and one poor person blessed his hand . In a battle , king dead and the enemy cutted off his hand . One bird took the hand and in the way , the hand falled . where the hand falled , there is not flowers . but the hand make flowers grow up . A campesine looked that and she saved the hand like a relic .

Swimming pool day.

Hi, we are Ivan and Antonio. :)
On Wednesday 30th March we went to the swimming pool, it's a few far of the academy, the swimming pool temperature was warm, we enjoyed a lot in the swimming pool, after that we were in the dressed room, and there we were joking, later we had free time and we went to Mcdonals and we had lunch there, after that we went to the class. In my class (Ivan) we saw the film Year One, it was very nice. In my class (Antonio) we were doing homework. It was a very funny day.

The host family

Hi ! :)
We are Ana , Marta and Andrea ! Our host family's name is Rodrigues.
The husband is from Brazil, now he is in Brazil , he's working there now .
The wife's name is Louise ! Shes is very nice . Her personality is very interesting .
The family has got three sons , the two elderly sons live out the house , and the younger son live in the house with us.The family haven't got any pets.
We eat very well, the food is interesting and we aren't hungry only the first day. Our bedroom is big , there are three indepence beds and a big armachair.
we like Peterborough ,is a small city but is very beautiful , the people is very nice  and it has very shops.
In the center of city has a big shopping center, with many shops , cafeteries and fast food restaurant.
We take a bus for go to academy , one half hour in a bus. The bus stop is near the house .
We are very happy with the host family . :D


Hi , we are Pablo , CarmenMary and Davinia and we are going to tell you the  first day in London.
We arrived to London by train and then we went to London Centre by underground.
First, we went to Chinetown.
In our opinion it was one of the most interesting and the funniest things.
The restaurants was very traditional and smaller than the others restaurants in London.
Was very funny because there were a lot of chinese people in the street.
Then we went to Trafalgar Square.
This square is very interesting and important because in this square will celebatre the nexts Olimpycs Games.
Later, we went to Buckinghan Palace and we saw the Change of Guards which during about 30 minutes.
There were a lot of people and was impossible see inside the house.
In the centre we saw the westmister abbey and we saw the london eye while we were puntting. The London Eye is very big and interesting.
Then, while we were puntting we saw the London Bridge and The Tower of London.
In our opinion the Tower of London was the most beautiful of London.
 See you Later !
Bye (:

The history of the King's hand.

Hi, we are Ivan and Antonio and we are going to tell you the King's hand history.
A King gave all his jewels to the poor people.
A man blessed the King's hand.
The King established a battle and someone killed the King and when he was killed, a soldier cut the King's hand for having that like a prize. A crow caught the hand and it became to fly, it dropped the King's hand in a desert without plants and nothing. A countryman saw the hand with a lot of plants growing around it, he taught the hand and he put it beside a tree, and the tree started to flourish and grow, the countrymen saw the hand and they gave the hand to the monks and the King's hand is already in the Peterborough's Cathedral

The Hand's History

Hi We are Juanfran and Migue.
In the cathedral a woman told us about the Hand's History. It was that:

From the mid-12th century monk, Hugh Candidus it has a detailed record of the contents of the Reliquiures's Abbey its included two pieces of swaddling clothes which wrapped the baby Jesus and more that we don't understand.

Bye Bye.

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011


Hello ! We are Rocio, Anabel and Marta .
Today we went to London we took the train and later we went by underground .
There, we saw Chinetown and it was incredible.
We went to the Buckingham palace that it is a big house where lives the queen of England. In this palace there are a lot of guards and they change his turn of work every day at 12 o'clock, and it is called the Change of Guard. It is during about 30 minutes.
Then we went to the Trafalgar Square that is a special square where in 2012 will celebrated the Olympics Games. And there, there are a lot of monuments. 
Later we saw Big Ben that is a quite big clock and it is very nice. Near it is the houses of parliament that it is a very big building. It was vey nice too. But in our opinion we love the river cruise in which we saw the London Eye, the Tower of London and the famous bridge.
Then we enter into the Tower of London where Henry VIII locked Katherine of Aragon and two others wifes. There, we saw the differents towers where there are many things which belonged to kings and queens.
Finally we took underground and we came back at home.
Bye ! See you tomorrow !
Jose Carlo's and Javi's task:

Information on the explanations given to us in Cambridge:When we went to Cambridge we went to some of the colleges and the guide explain some things about them. He told us that the first founded collage was Peterhouse's, which was founded on 1284. He also told us things about some of the chapels but i can not remember them at these moment.

                                              Arms of the University of Cambridge

Information on the explanations given to us about Peterborough's Cathedral (especially the legend of that relic hand...):
Well, when we went to Peterborough's cathedral we had a wonderful guide but for us it wasn't an interesting activity, our guide explain us things such as what were monk's work and so on......
For me (javi) the legend about that relic hand was really interesting, this legend said that there were a king which gave his silver to poor people and one of those poor persons bless the king's hand. One day the king was in a battle an someone killed him, after this a man came and cut the king's hand down and a bird pick it up, while the bird was flying he drop the hand and a farmer saw that were the hand went it got beautiful.

Information about the relevant places we visited in London:
When we went Lond we had a lot of fun and we visited wonderful places such as The change of the guard, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, The houses of Parliament, but my favourite one was The Tower of London because there I saw a lo of interesting things such as th bloody tower (were prisioners were torture) and the crown jewel (were you can find one of the biggest diamonds in the world).


Hii ! We are Anabel, Rocio and Marta.
The origen of Cambrige came from a river in this city that is called Cam and from the word 'bridge'.
Cambridge is a really big city, it is full of colleges where students live and one of the most important is Oxford's University. It is important because only very good students and rich people can study there.
In Cambridge there is the most expensive clock of the world. It is made by gold.
In this city there are three very important doors for the students: the first one is the Humility door, through which each student has to pass during his first stage at the university. The second one is the door of Importance where students pass in the middle of their studies, and the third one is the Honour door through which one passes after his or her graduation. This door is very very small and low.
Bye !

6th day, 27th March

Hii ! :)
We are Marta Blanco, Anabel and Rocio.
Today we had the host family day.
This day has been very nice because we have could wake up later.
First we had a typical english breakfast and it was very good. We ate eggs, saussages, potatoes, tomatoes, toast, etc. Later we went with our friends to the park and then we went bowling. Then we took the bus and came back.
It was a really nice day because we were relaxed.
Byeee !
kisses :)


Hi boys and girls!

Here you have all the tasks I have assigned you for the moment:

  • Information on the explanations given to you in Cambridge.
  • Information on the explanations given to you about Peterborough's Cathedral (especially the legend of that relic hand...)
  • Information about the relevant places we visited in London: 

    a) The change of the guard
    b) Buckingham palace
    c) Trafalgar Square
    d) The houses of Parliament
    e) The Tower of London

If you have missed any of the above points, don't hesitate to search them on the internet, but, please, do not cut&paste: first, read the information, and later write about it without looking, using your own words. Should you have any doubt, please ASK.

Your loving teacher,



The history of the cathedral

Hello we are Lidia and Sara
Today we are to talk about the history of the cathedral
We go to the cathedral, and we listen and incredible history:
It was about a King that was very religious

Londres (:

Hi !
We are Sara and Lidia, yesterday we stayed in London,
and we saw many monuments, The London Eye,
The Tower of London, The Buckingham Palace,
Big Ben, 


Hi I'm Juanfran,
We were the first day on London the trip was very long but after when we were in the city was impresionant that isn't like seville it's very nice and the things that I like more was the streets with the buildings. I think that we must go to the london's eye but the london's tower was reaaly nice too. Yesterday was very tired but was very nicer and I would like to repeat but going to the london eye and other thing the change of the guard was very strangely. The friday is goning to be better. ;)

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

5th day, 26th March.

Hiiii ! :)
We are Marta Blanco, Anabel and Rocio.
Today we have been in Cambridge all day. We saw some universities and the most important buildings from there. The guide, explained us the history of some places that were really interesting.
We have had a lot of freetime.
In freetime we were to shopping and we bought a lot of things for us and for our family while some friends were punting in a barch.
Later we had lunch and when we were waiting the bus, the boys were playing with a ball and sometimes it went to the river. Then we caugh the bus and we went to home.
Today has been a nice day but we are tired.
 Byee !

4th day. 25th March

Hellooooooo ! We are Marta Blanco, Rocio and Anabel.
Today we went to Stamford. It a really nice place. There was a fantastic green field with some animals such as sheeps, renos, etc.
And there was a really big house, but we couldn't enter into it because at the moment it is closed.
Then, we went to the city centre, we saw it and when we had freetime we had lunch.
Later, we went to the school and we had lessons for four hours.
And finally, we went home, we had dinner and we went to bed.
Today has been a good day and at the moment we are happy here !
Byeeeeeeee !

3th day , 24 March

Hi ! We are Anabel , Marta Blanco and Rocio .
Today we went to the cinema, and we saw the king's speech. But it was boring, a lot of people were sleeping while we were paying attention with a fizzy drinks and popcorns.
Later, we went to the school and we have lunch and then we have lesson  for four hours.
In th evening we take the bus and we went to the house at half past six.
Finally, we had dinner and we ate fish-fingers, mashed potatoes, sweet and peas, everything was delicious. 
And for dessert we had a chocolate mousse, it was delicious too.
It was a good day !
Bye ! XOXO
Peterborough's cathedral:

Peterborough Cathedral, properly the Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew – also known as Saint Peter's Cathedral – the seat of the Bishop of Peterborough, England, and is dedicated to Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew, whose statues look down from the three high gables of the famous West Front. Founded in the Anglo-Saxon period, the architecture is mainly Norman, following a rebuilding in the 12th century. With Durham and Ely Cathedrals, it is one of the most important 12th century buildings in England to have remained largely intact, despite extensions and restoration.

Peterborough Cathedral is known for its imposing Early English Gothic West Front (façade) which, with its three enormous arches, is without architectural precedent and with no direct successor. The appearance is slightly asymmetrical, as one of the two towers that rise from behind the façade was never completed, but this is only visible from a distance, while the effect of the West Front upon entering the Cathedral Close is overwhelming.

From the mid-12th century monk, Hugh Candidus, we have a detailed record of the contents of the Abbey's reliquaries , which included two pieces of swaddling clothes which wrapped the baby Jesus, pieces of Jesus' manger, a part of the five loaves which fed the 5,000, a piece of the raiment of St Mary, a piece of Aaron's rod, and relics of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew - to whom the church is dedicated.[8]

Monastic life:
Most famous, however, was the supposed arm of St Oswald, which disappeared from its chapel, probably during the Reformation, despite a watch-tower having been built for monks to guard its reliquary), and various contact relics of Thomas Becket, brought from Canterbury in a special reliquary by its Prior Benedict (who had witnessed Becket's assassination) when he was 'promoted' to Abbot of Peterborough.

All of these created an aura of great importance around what is today Peterborough Cathedral, making it at the zenith of its wealth just before the Reformation the sixth largest monastery in England in terms of income with 120 monks at it and departments including an Almoner, an Infirmarian, a Sacristan and a Cellarer.

BY: Javier Fernandez Calderon and Jose Carlos Alvarez de la Plata

London City

Hi! I am Miguel Chans. Yesterday I was meeting with my friends and later I went home. Today I am very nervous because tomorrow we are going to go to LONDON! I have to go See you.

Cambridge!! (:

Saturday we were in Cambridge, our guide was Jim, He  told us about the people, the universities (the subjects, homes ..) taught us outside the homes of students and entered into a chapel. In my free time many went to market or to the mall, others went to the river boats. We met some very friendly Spanish musicians! in Cambridge was something cold ... forget bad day for the coat at home.
The Boys were dropped three times the soccer ball into the river across from where he had hoped the bus jaja all
passers-by stared at us. Well, that I did in Cambridge.
By: Inmaculada Silva 


Hi ! we're Davinia and Carmenmary.
Today we've been in Peterborouhg's Cathedral.
There , was buried Katherine Of Aragon.
Is smaller than Seville's Cathedral but is very big too.

In the walls there are people's names who worked there.
In our opinion , the most interesting was the room where there are the three sisters' names: Martha  Bristow , Ethel Sarah and Hannah Bristow.

Well,we'll write more things about our jorney in Peterborough.
See you !


Hi, we are Iván and Antonio.
On Saturday we went to Cambridge University, located in Cambridge.
It's the biggest one of United Kingdom.
We saw the most expensive clock on the world,o it does cost 1,000,000£
On free time we went to the city market, there were many souvenirs shops and we bought some presents for our families. After that, we had lunch on Mcdonals.
We also saw the Corpus Christi College, it had a very beautiful grass. In our opinion, Corpus Christi College was one of the most wonderful college.

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Hello, today we are in Cambrige

Hello .
We are Sara and Lidia.
Today we stay in Cambrige.
It is very beautiful, it has a very beautiful river with a lot of ducks
There are a lot of shop,
where everybody buy something for their families.
I send you some photos
Bye bye.

As you can see we are very good students and we do what the teachers say......

in cambridge

In cambridge we went into a university's chapel........

stamford day

we went to stamford and we did a lot of nice things, we are proud to be here......

viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

2nd day. 23th March

Hi. :)
Today is our second day in Peterborough.
We are Rocio, Marta Blanco and Anabel.
We should have woken up at half past seven but we woke up at half past six because we were excited. We went to the bus stop with Antonia and we went to the acadamy with her. There, we did a tour in Peterborough with Walker. It was nice. Then we went to the academy and had lessons for four hours. When we finished we went to the bus stop in front of the academy and there, was Antonia waiting us. For dinner we had a pizza, chips and salad and for the dessert we had a creme caramel. It was ok, so we had a good day.

1st day. 22th March

Hi :)
We are Anabel ,Marta Blanco and Rocio
Today we arrived in the airport of London at 11 o'clock, but we arrived at our new host family at 2 o'clock. Our new family showed us our new house and told us that if we need something we can call them. They are very nice and very good people. They have a nice girl, she is called Sophie, and she is 18 years old.
The family have a cat, and it is called  Lulu, she is very beautiful and she plays with us.
It was a good day but in the next morning we were very tired.
Xoxo from peterborough.